Marty Wurth, Grandmas Loom

Marty Wurth, Grandma’s Loom Rugs

The loom Marty uses has rich history and is an iconic piece of Americana.  Being in use for almost 100 years, this loom has been making rugs for people from all over the US.

“I learned to weave rugs from my Grandma. She would let me help her while she would babysit me as a child. After she passed away, my aunt had the loom until she passed away. I now own my Grandma’s loom and weave rugs when I am not teaching kindergartners at school – my full time job for the past 20 years. Each rug is unique and one of a kind. My mom (almost 80 years old) helps me along with my oldest brother when they have time by sewing the materials together for me. All my materials are recycled or factory reclaimed waste and all my rugs are machine washable. ”